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Importance and Future of Ayurvedic Practice

  • 9 Oct 2022

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हिताहितं सुखं दुःखमायुस्तस्य हिताहितम्

मान च तच्च यत्रोक्तमायुर्वेदः स उच्यते|

Ayurveda is a Veda that provide the knowledge of good , bad , happy and unhappy life, it's promoters and non-promoters, measurement ⏳and nature .

Ayurveda is not just a few medicines or a few scriptures, but a holistic total lifestyle deeply involved with yoga, meditation, food habits and epigenetic social cultures. ‍♀️


Inspite of all the good,

Is, your NEET score forced you to choose this field ⁉️

Do you face the following questions?

❓Should I practice Ayurvedic or allopathic medicine?

❓Is Ayurveda lacking somewhere or has limitations?

❓Do Ayurveda takes alot of time in curative aspects?

❓Do i have a future in Ayurvedic practice?

❓is Ayurveda an alternative or a necessity?

To answer✅the above questions and burst the myths ,


presents a seminar on,


By- Dr. Kirti Runwal

A passionate Ayurvedic Practitioner, who focuses on preventing disease and is expertise in panchakarma and also developing a project called “zero Cost Medicine”.

➡️ Date- 9th October 2022

➡️ Time- 11.00 am

➡️ Platform- Zoom

➡️ * link*-

Meeting ID: 883 2602 8572

Passcode: 261222

Cancellation: If any student cancels his/her registration well in advance (Before the date of cancellation i.e. 5th March 2024), then he/she is eligible for Refund. Refunds of these students will be initiated post OWFN program and can take a maximum one month period thereafter.

If the student cancels his registration after the stipulated date, then he is not eligible for refund. Also the students who are absent at OWFN without informing or without cancellation request will also be not eligible for refund.

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